Because Kasumi had been deceased before the events of image 5 began.

Because Kasumi had been deceased before the events of image 5 began.

Kasumi Yoshizawa


Kasumi was a new woman with the same face attributes to Sumire. However, her attention are brown and angular in comparison to the lady younger sibling and spiritual singles Recenze she’s auburn tresses and a beauty tag near to the woman left eyes. She in addition wears contact lenses and her gymnast clothes is green versus blue.


Because Kasumi was deceased prior to the occasions of Persona 5 began, and therefore is not able to communicate for herself, almost all of the woman identity and record are only known by the records from Sumire’s Confidant, as well as the woman actions whenever she recognizes herself as Kasumi.

Kasumi is essentially suggested to have the exact same characteristics since “Kasumi” who is really Sumire under Maruki’s spell, apart that this woman is way more bold and confident and is fully consistent in her performances and cheerfulness, considered constantly at best score during gymnastic games and would do the lady far better cheer-up the woman cousin or secure their from injury. She’s also even more nimble, provides much better storage than Sumire and will implement complex gymnast techniques without having any problem, something which the artificial Kasumi cannot do. Sumire had even defined the girl as a “perfect sibling.” Despite this, Kasumi has one inferiority in comparison to Sumire; she cannot prepare in addition to the girl.

While having clearly well-meaning purpose on taking good care of Sumire, Kasumi are highly insensitive or oblivious to the girl younger aunt’s anxiety plummeting to near-suicidal level for the reason that her practices. When Sumire’s aggravation and emotional instability achieves the peak, Kasumi’s reaction is joke around the woman, creating the lady subsequent description that resulted in Kasumi’s passing.

Kasumi can be considered maybe not supporting dealing with things for other people to stop all of them from getting over-reliant on other folks, some thing she does not stick to towards Sumire.


Kasumi is an experienced gymnast live alongside the girl aunt Sumire Yoshizawa therefore the siblings’ father Shinichi Yoshizawa, who had been the number of a chat tv show at Akasaka Mitsuke. They even lived alongside their unique mama and grandma. She and Sumire was in fact practicing gymnastics since childhood under advisor Hiraguchi who taught all of them with a spartan level, although Kasumi have an infinitely more organic and faster studying contour versus the woman young cousin. She additionally determines almost all of the issues between the Yoshizawa sisters, like design Sumire’s bedroom. This excludes getting ready the dishes since she cannot create them precisely.

Kasumi is alleged to-be an exact gymnastic wizard who constantly enters into regional competitions virtually uncontested, and lots of people were surprised by their bold activities. She additionally assured Sumire they would visit internationals as a duo 1 day, although this is actually a promise which could no longer feel fulfilled.

Image 5 Regal – SPOILERS

Sadly, Kasumi performing the vast majority of items for Sumire, as well as Sumire not-being skilled enough to get into gymnast tournaments uncontested like Kasumi even if they got the exact same classes, had triggered Sumire establishing a severe feeling of inferiority towards Kasumi, and suicidal depression manifesting as a constant sense of worthlessness and (heavily suggested) rapid exhaustion. She in addition have constant delusional thinking about how exactly she would either have to come to be Kasumi by herself or pass away, despite are above average from the recreation. This gathered into Sumire operating from Kasumi and almost throwing by herself into visitors unintentionally as soon as the sisters happened to be going back after a training session, and she best endured caused by Kasumi sacrificing herself to guard her. This taken place monthly ahead of the start of the siblings entering their own first year of high-school.

Shinichi mourned Kasumi with sadness right after their demise, and Sumire’s emotional disease worsened because she thought she was actually in charge of the girl passing and stealing the girl fantasy, to the stage that their survivor’s shame worsened their anxiety, actually crippling the girl interest towards the lady daily behavior. Sumire had been forced by Shinichi to generally meet Takuto Maruki for treatments on March 25th to avoid their from actually committing suicide. Whenever Maruki ended up being advising with Sumire, she were able to render your stimulate his image’s actualization. Maruki (subconsciously) generated the woman think that she is the lady sibling Kasumi, and Sumire died alternatively, as that’s what the previous Sumire need. Since Maruki just produced the girl thought she’s Kasumi, others still read this “Kasumi” as Sumire, leading them to think that she is delusional. But she wouldn’t be able to listen to the truth straight from them, as she’d instead discover “Kasumi” if everyone put the woman actual provided title.

During Sumire’s actual awakening, Kasumi’s soul transforms into Cendrillon and happen across the destroyed one. The girl spirit in addition appears into the protagonist and Sumire’s Showtime.

Despite the lady dying and Sumire’s feelings of inferiority towards the girl, Sumire really does genuinely respect and appreciate her as an individual additionally the sisters did has a truly big partnership with each other. Kasumi in addition watched Sumire as a rival on near-equal terms and conditions in place of anybody become appeared straight down upon.

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